Freestyle Friday: The Beginning

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know I decided to try and return to skateboarding as a way to lower my anxiety and depression. One of the issues though is that I have huge anxiety on trying things I’ve conquered before and now just general transition skateboarding. So, step forward freestyle skateboarding.

Freestyle skateboarding was something I never tried before. I pretty much jumped straight into transition skating. Freestyle skateboarding may also have suffered from a pejorative term at the time that I’m no longer cool on using so instead I’ll settle for saying we thought it was lame.

To take a quick detour. Recently I’ve spent a lot of time playing with manuals. I find manuals hard, and I use them as a way to zen my mind. A style of mindfulness from skateboarding.

I had then been thinking about trying to be more technical as a way to distract my mind from its regular descent into hell.

That was a quick detour and the reason why I made it will be clear in a second. My daughter discovered Turbo Toy Time on YouTube. Discovering Andy Schrock led to Revive skateboards. Then came their Warehouse Wednesday videos and she watched a video with Mike Osterman.

The freedom of starting again

I started to think about manuals and freestyle. I felt that the idea of trying freestyle would force me to be in the moment. Hopefully allowing me to dump my mental baggage. The other idea was that I would effectively be starting from zero.

I would have no preconceived notions of how good or bad I should be. In a way, this is highly liberating. The only person to compete with is my current self, I don’t have to fight a previous self. I can just zen myself out and not care about the world.

Moonshine setup

I checked about online and decided to sort myself out a Moonshine complete. It isn’t complete yet, and once it is, I’ll go into why I picked it.

A quick video to show how terrible I am at freestyle and hopefully, by next week, I’ll have a few tricks down.

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