Sunday Sonambulations

Sunday is a funny day. It is a day many people think about rest, but it is also a day when many people indulge in their hobbies. I’m taking this as a sign that for many people getting involved with their hobbies is a rest compared to the rest of the week.

Given the stress that many of us are under blowing off steam could be better than sitting on the couch, watching TV, and silently seething and loathing Monday. There is the old adage here of “You don’t hate Mondays, you hate capitalism.”

Which I guess is true, and for myself, I feel that is why hobbies bring mindfulness. We can zone out of our worries and just get lost inside our heads. In a great way though. Not the dread of everything going wrong but a lost in the moment.

Overthinking ourselves

If we ignore hobbies, this is my personal experience and based on me I don’t want you to think that I’m preaching to you, our mind will race on. The years that I avoided skateboarding were some of the worst years of my life.

I tried other hobbies, and none fitted me as well. So, I suppose you need to find the activity that fits you.

Skateboarding brings me a lot of comfort in my life. It gives me a place I can go to outside of the house. A place where my anxiety kicks in less. It will usually be quieter than other parts of town, that helps to lower my social anxiety.

Overtime your hobby and place you to is a place where your worries will not come. You can slip into your passion like a set of comfy slippers. Doing this is allowing me not to think, just go and enjoy myself.

It seems simple when I write it this way, but it wasn’t simple to get here and won’t be simple for a lot of other people. The reason I’ve called this Sunday Sonambulation is that I will go to the park and feel as if I’m asleep and I guess that is my goal.


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