Moonshine Lillis Åkesson “Elder” Freestyle Skateboard Deck

here we have a little bit on why I picked a Moonshine deck as I dip my toes in the dangerously dark waters of freestyle skateboarding. I mentioned that I’d go through my equipment choices, possibly boring you in the process but here we go.

I also mentioned that my daughter set in my head the idea for giving freestyle skateboarding a try. She did this by finding Mike Osterman through Andy Schrock/Revive videos. My plan for a first deck to try freestyle then was a Waltz.

Before I purchased though I though I’d do some internet research.

skateboard internet research

The research pointed out that the Waltz decks were different in the EU from the US models. A few companies do this.

I have no problem with this, but I wish companies would be more open about it. The issue though was that the US and EU decks have a different concave. As I researched more about freestyle decks, I knew I wanted to go minimal/no concave. The concave nature of boards I’ll explore in a future blog.

Moonshine skateboards

In my research, I found Moonshine skateboards. Confusingly they are nothing to do with the Mononshineskateboard/longboard I currently own.

moonshine sidekick longboard


I had heard of the other Moonshine as they have a heavy team of transition rippers, including Art and Steve Godoy.

I was kinda in, so I searched through their models. All of which were shorter and narrower than the Waltz. This made sense to me. The Waltz was not that far off from the current Magenta I ride so I’d probably be just as well not changing there.

In the end, I plumped for the Stefan”Lillis” Åkesson model as mainly I liked the graphic, it has almost zero concave, and it looked like a proper freestyle skateboard.

First Impressions of the Moonshine Lillis Åkesson “Elder” Freestyle Skateboard Deck

My first thought was how tiny is this, have I made a horrible mistake. I confounded this by nailing some terrible ollies on it once I had built it up. Once I changed my foot position though this deck has pop, it pops just as easy as my bigger popsicle sized decks.

The next correction involved manuals. It is now almost a tiptoe like operation but once I figured that out the deck balances really well. Now, I just need to work out how to actually do proper freestyle tricks on it.


3 thoughts on “Moonshine Lillis Åkesson “Elder” Freestyle Skateboard Deck”

  1. Hi there. I want to start skateboarding after 15 years. I was never really good at it. So now i want to get into freestyling. I can’t choose between the waltz 7.75 or your lillis moonshine deck. Sadly the waltz is sold out in europe, but they will make new stuff coming out soon. So do i wait for a bigger waltz, or start with the lillis? It looks so small, and my 15y old street deck is also 7.3 and its small. If i’d go for a streetdeck again, i would go 8.0. What wheels do you ride. I was thinking to get 95a for our not so smooth roads. 99a is a bit hard. Enjoy your new board and good luck with the freestyling. Greetings.


    1. Hi dude,

      Apologies for the tardy reply. Tonight I am going to post about the wheels, I went with 95a to save you having to find the post later.

      I was also afraid I’d find the Lillis too small but somehow my ollies have gotten bigger on it than the 8.125″ Magenta that I was riding.

      I’d give it a shot as it works well with my old feet. The Waltz stuff in Europe is diffrent from the stuff in the States and it’s the mould that is a different shape seemingly so it has more concave. That would make it seem more like a street board from what I’ve put together so far.

      I think when Waltz bring their new graphic out I’ll buy both the EU and teh one from the States and compare the concave and shape.


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