Freestyle Friday: Speedlab x Moonshine Wheels Freestyle Skateboard Wheels

Last Friday I left a small video of where I had was at starting freestyle skateboarding. I had said that for this week I would have progressed. Thanks to work, life, and small people I haven’t but I did manage to order a set of Speedlab x Moonshine freestyle wheels.


A set of Speedlab x Moonshine wheels with a set of Seismic bearings


I had hummed and hawed about buying wheels. Mainly I was debating what durometer to buy. Again I thought about Waltz and their coffee wheels. Their wheels though are 99a. I then tested my Moonshine on where I’d be riding with a set of 99a street wheels.

After shaking all my fillings lose I decided that there was no way I could do that to myself. I’d end up hating freestyle skateboarding.

I then decided to have a little peruse around Offset Skate Supplies.

The decision

On the site, there were Speedlab x Moonshine wheels and Seismic Focus wheels.

seismic focus freestyle wheel

The Seismic wheels come in a few durometers and are all white. The Speedlabs came in black and at 96a were a durometer that I felt my old joints could work with. I used to hate coloured wheels, but now I hate when white wheels succumb to UV and start to go yellow.

So I stayed brand loyal, marketeers love that kind of thing. I did though order some Seismic bearings as I like the built-in spacer idea.

The conclusion?

There isn’t one at the minute. I’ve not had a proper roll around. Tomorrow I’ll have free time so that pretty much guarantees it will rain or possibly snow given this week.

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